1. To standardise the science of Acupuncture and the concept of Healing by vital energy manipulation as a whole which includes different forms of merid- ian healing techniques like reflexology, meridian manipulation etc.
  2. To undertake research in the fields of Natural Healing, its traditional concepts and rationale, and its scientific translation in modern medicine ian healing techniques like reflexology, meridian manipulation etc.
  3. To form an association of qualified practitioners which will work towards providing ethical services to the masses.
  4. Organising All Strata Of Acupuncture Practitioners Throughout State Under One Roof, Standardise And Develop Them Accordingly As Per The Proposed Guideline Placed To The Govt.
  5. Interacting with other acupuncture associations and national / international bodies to create an interactive platform for exchange of clinical experience and development of the science.
  6. To provide representation to the Government authorities for recognition and regularisation of the science and its practice.
  7. To provide complete services to the practitioners by way of web information, training programs, study material, registration, database of material/equipment vendors etc. and guidelines to set up effective practice.
  8. To undertake research programmes in co-operation with private and government institutions.
  9. To hold regular workshops and CME’s to enhance the Skills of practitioners and expose them to New Horizons in the field
  10. To integrate Acupuncture science with other Systems of Medicine.
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