Lu5 in loss of lordosis
Understanding loss of lordosis

It is a spasmodic condition originating due to chronic stress, melancholy. This is the emotional root of metal element. A peculiar outcome in some patients is depletion of 'metal' element and subsequently drying of water (lung is the the mother of kidney)

Drying of water leads to the spasmodic state of the spine - due to the respective affinity of the water element to the spine....

There is a domino effect by which fire becomes excess due to water deficiency (such patients experience stress stiffness and hypertension)....

This is the basis of loss of lordosis

Understanding chize

Chize is the He sea point - water point on lung channel

It is Classically noted for the 5 types of Lumbar Pain - and is called the upper body equivalent of UB 40.

It can Infact relieve the stiffness of the whole spine ....

Single point therapy

Treating 'chize' stimulates water on mother channel (metal). It has an effect of hydrating and relaxing the spine .....🤓

It also helps the individual to handle stress and melancholy / brooding better


I stumbled on this concept because I found two patients with loss of lordosis having a craving for pungent food (chillies) - Interestingly...they were trying to supplement the metal element with its basic elemental taste - 'pungent' ......

After stimulating chize their craving for chillies also reduced.

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